Elijah the Healer and Miracle Worker

Introduced to Elijah

  • One of the most well known of the prophets.
  • John the Baptist had the spirit of Elijah – Luke 1:17 – many say he will be one of the 2 prophets in Revelations.
  • While the priest present the people to God, prophets represents God to the people – like the Church today.
  • Thus – Church must come out of hiding.

God is all about justice

  • Elijah represents God, the widow and son represents the people.
  • Why did Elijah get fed 1st, was he selfish?  It doesn’t seem right but it is – there is a cause and effect.
  • There is a law of faith – Seek 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness – Matthew 6:33.
  • So do it God’s way even when don’t make sense.

Didn’t recognize in the justice part as being from God

  • Agape love is what the Church suppose to be walking in.
  • Many others, besides the Church, are doing the justice things also.
  • But many are doing justice things with ulterior motives – wanting pats on the back.

Something goes wrong

  • The boy dies – 1 Kings 17:17.
  • Blames God, condemns the prophet (the Church), we are causing all the woe’s of society – 1 Kings 17:18.

Sometimes God allows tragedy/sickness to show His glory – 1 Kings 17:20

  • Does God cause sickness, no, but He does allow it.

Healing is God’s business card – thus the Church should carry this card.

  • At least 10 times gospel and healings mentioned together.
  • It’s great to do the justice thing – and we do.
  • But we are to also do the healing thing (and, btw, healing is a justice thing also)
  • It’s when the healing of her son happens that Elijah is recognized as from God and God speaks thru him – 1 Kings 17:24
  • In fact, we shouldn’t present the gospel of the kingdom until God displays the kingdom.

Pray until God says you are done for the healing/miracle – 1 Kings 18:41-46.

  • Elijah announces the miracle of rain.
  • Commands his servant to go up seven times and look for rain.  Seven represents completeness.
  • Don’t despise small beginnings – Zechariah 4:10.

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