Our Team

Meet Our Leadership Team

Bret Abdullah

Lead Pastor

Pastor Bret studied at Eastern Michigan University and received ministry training through the Michigan School of Ministry and Central Bible College – Michigan and is a Licensed minister of the Assemblies of God. Having grown up in Dearborn and having pastored in the city of Detroit with the Church of God in Christ, Rev. Abdullah has a heart for people of all races, nationalities, and backgrounds. He has two sons, Paul and Silas.

Holly Abdullah

Holly equally shares a passion for ministry having been involved extensively in many multicultural ministry settings such as the Bronx, NY, Cleveland, TN and Dearborn. Currently, Holly is leading the Children’s Ministry. She is a graduate of Lee University. She has a dog, Finney, and two cats, Jack and Zoe.

Ana Ferguson

Prayer Leader

Fenelon Diaz

Praise and Worship Leader

Yvonne Vasill